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    [Help] My bookmarks are not syncing.

    I chose automaticaly sync data.
    however when I log onto another device it shows no bookmarks or anything.
    Is there a way to manually sync data?

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    Are you sure that they're set to be synchronized on your original device? If you create your account in Options later on (instead of when first starting the client), nothing will be moved to sync automatically.
    Please go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks. If you can only see "Local Bookmarks" then they're not synched. Click "Go advanced" at the bottom center and you should also see "Synchronized Bookmarks" above it, if not simply move your cursor above local bookmarks until it turns into an up down arrow, click and drag down. You can then move your bookmarks to sync using drag & drop from the lower list to the upper list. Click OK and they should appear on your other logged in devices soon, provided you enabled Sync on those devices.
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