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    Teamspeak client freezes when connecting to a TS server

    Whenever i try to connect to ANY TS server the client hangs. I have to kill the app manually to get back to it. I have tried the following:

    - reboot
    - connect to different TS servers
    - download client software and reinstall
    - reinstall after resetting/removing the client config
    - turn off PC firewall
    - connect to a different wifi network and internet connection

    All have resulted in the same symptoms. After clicking the connect, the client says it is resolving the hostname. The Client log shows successful resolution. But the Client freezes and nothing more can be done except kill it by manually stopping it.

    I downloaded Wireshark and it shows the TS server address is successfully resolved, then a successful lookup for, and after that a TCP connection is attempted from the PC to the server via TCP SYN on TCP source port 65060 to destination port 41144 (SYN packet). A TCP reset is immediately received from the destination TS server.

    23 Jan update:

    An hour or two after posting the above, I tried to connect and it worked. I had changed nothing. Then today, I connected and it worked. While I was connected to the TS server, I had a problem with my Astro A50 wireless headseat and had to reseat the USB connection to the base. I then had to reselect the TS options for the headset. When I did that, the client hung again, and now I cannot connect to TS again and I had to manually terminate the program. Just a theory but maybe the client hung on my PC and I had to kill the program on the PC, but the TCP session doesnt gracefully close, and the TS server still has me as connected and when I try to reconnect, it sends me a TCP reset? When the client finally times out on the server (maybe 24 hours later?) the connection works again. Just a guess.
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    Is this happening on client and worked on older clients?
    In case it does, please post me a dump file and a client log.

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Such file can be generated in your Task Manager (just do a right-click on your task bar to get access)
    Make a right-click on the process TeamSpeak 3 client and select "Create dump file" (Abbilddatei erstellen).

    1. Not all services allow uploaded files to be bigger than 100mb or 200mb. You may zip the DMP file first before you upload it anywhere.

    2. You do not have to register for filehoster. You could use a free service like or or your own server.
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    I'm having a similar issue and I really want to fix this. This was not happening on

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