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    Webpage to link to TeamSpeak and automatically open channel on TeamSpeak


    First of all saying that I use TeamSpeak and it's the best app to this kind of issue!

    I'm not an Web Developer or IT Programmer, so the question I have can be easy for any "specialist" but not to me.
    I have tried to find answers on google but, unfortunately, I was not successful.
    So, I'm trying to get some info in this good forum.

    I want to have a webpage and inside the webpage I want allow users to be able to open TeamSpeak Sub-Channels (named by them)... I mean, the Sub-Channels would be automatically opened into TeamSpeak.

    Is there any add-on to do it or it need to be some kind of script made inside webpage?

    Is there any place where I can get some help about this issue?

    Thanks you.


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    You maybe want to take a look at this

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