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    Change TTS voice

    Hey Teamspeak! I was having problems using the sound pack that reads out phonetic names. I wanted to make it so if phonetically read out the names in a male voice. I'm on mac, so that may cause concern, but I went into the Teamspeak Client folder and all the way to sounds. I had 4 folders: default, default_male, default_speech, and nosounds. I went into default_speech to see if I could adjust the sound file names, but no luck. I also tried deleting the default women voice folder, seeing as the entries to default_speech were text based, and not audio based. If the entries in the folder were audio based, I could easily replace them with a few adaptations. Sadly, they're not. I've also tried cmd+f and replacing default with default_male, but it still doesn't work. If anyone is wondering, the text document I'm editing is called settings.ini . All I want to know is if there is a version of what I'm looking for out on the web, or if I'm just bad at editing code. Thanks!

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    The voice and settings in your operation system are used for the Speech part.
    Editing the other voice packs will not change anything here. They arn't used when TTS is activated.
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