Running ts3client_win64.exe via the usual ways (e.g. from start menu or by double clicking the exe file) is working fine. However, the program seems to be resistant to getting started from any secondary launcher. E.g. I start many programs from a dock launcher that is called Appetizer and it's working fine for 21 applications, but not for number 22: the TS3 client. If I click the icon simply nothing will happen.

Another thing I want to do is to run it using ForceBindIP64. I so far have never seen an application that ForceBindIP can't launch - the worst thing that happens is that the forced IP binding doesn't have any effect but every process can at least be started. Well, except for ts3client_win64.exe - this one fails with the error message "Couldn't run the specified command line".

I had TS3 installed to the program files directory. Another thing I just tried was uninstalling it, deleting all config directories and doing a fresh install from a Windows user that doesn't have admin privileges, which makes the TS3 installer offer to install in the user folder, which I did (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client).

Now I got a clean install and even in a different location and with a different user context but the problem persists. I tried to apply compatibility settings for different Windows version but that didn't change anything about the problem either.

I am using Windows 10 Pro x64 and using TeamSpeak

Any idea why the ts3client_win64.exe isn't behaving like any other Windows exe file and whether there is something I can do about it?