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    Cannot uninstall broken plugin from the old version of TS

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    Im not sure if this is a bug or its expected behavior since the plugin is old and thus have not implemented the uninstall steps

    if it's not a bug could i be redirected to the correct forum,

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    It's no Bug. Uninstall only is enabled, when an addon was installed with client 3.1 (or newer).
    You have to delete the plugin(s) manually. This hasn't changed.

    To remove old non 3.1 Addons (plugins, themes etc) go into %appdata%/TS3client and the select plugins folder as an example and then delete desired files.
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    Feature request + feedback

    first off the feedback, your "i agree with this" part when signing up states Args undefined at some point, might wanna fix that..

    second off, a way to delete addons that do not work. i have an addon i cannot delete, because i have no clue where it is, and the delete option in the options panel is greyed out, so maybe add so you can delete them that way.. just an idea.
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