Hi there. I'm guessing some of the sysops will be reading this, so I thought i'd add a few suggestions...

Firstly, we use TS3 on a private server for a non-profit group of radio hams around the world... We have it crosslinking into a variety of actual RF radio links and networks on a 24/7 basis and it is fantastic !!! We did try a few other applications that use VoIP/RoIP use and TS3 is by far the best out there for stability and audio quality.

The suggestions below are probably more suitable for our use, although other users might find them useful too.

1: One of the devices we use is like a walkie talkie. It does not have a touch screen (runs android), and we can only use the up/down cursor and "OK" button... Sadly TS3 does not support this as it seems to be designed for a touch screen. Having the ability to do either would be a big plus!!!

2: Whilst the application allows you to map a PTT button, it uses standard bluetooth. Several new apps are now using Bluetooth low energy technology (BTLE) like "wave" and "zello" which is fantastic when mobile or if you want to keep your hands free. The ability to do it with TS3 would help keep it ahead of the game.

3: Mic clicks (roger beep). Whilst there are add-ons out there that can be used on PC's, having it integrated into the client app for different devices would be great. I often use android or iOs on TS3 and one of my biggest frustrations is not transmitting cause my finger has moved on the screen, but I don't notice. Some other VoIP systems give the user the ability to choose to have a "beep" either before TX or after (or both), thus allowing them to know that they have transmitted.

Other than that... We love it... The group of us has steadily grown and we're now also looking at the possibility of creating a more customised version using the TS3 platform (obviously we have a few cost issues to work on yet). But keep up the good work !!!!


Gareth (UK)