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    Show more Server chat over time

    Hi all. In the bottom section of the screen on PC, it keeps a log of who goes in, who goes out etc and what channel they change too etc.

    This log seems to run from when the PC is turned on, to around 24 hours worth of past history.

    Is there a way to extend this ? The PC is running all the time... But it would be nice to look back a few days worth of history, usually when someone else tells me that a user has been causing issues on a certain date at a certain time etc... Then I can go back and have a look who did what etc.



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    Thank you... And on that link, it shows several downloads/plugins etc... Do I actually need all of them ?



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    Just open your client, go to Tools -> Options -> Addons -> Browse online and then search chatlog.

    Or use this link
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    That's brilliant Chris ! Spot on and just what I was after. Thank you.

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