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    Mic. error when sound muted?

    How come my mic. does not work when the sound is muted?

    There is a mic. and sound mute button and I only mute the sound but the mic. does not work after even though it does NOT show muted.

    The mute sound button is muting the sound and microphone both for some reason.

    Pretty sure this is a bug on the apps. end.

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    That's normal and also the case for the Desktop client. So if you yell into your phone, there's still the chance for people on the server to tell you to shut up.

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    Ugh set to cover people who fail at life. If I wanted my mic. muted I would do it myself but since I use push to talk I wouldn't need this feature to save my ass anyway.

    Wanted to use the phone as a mic. only though and not use push to talk but need the sound muted due to feed back from the desktop as I refuse to use a head set lol and this is how I got to this point. Maybe if turn off the speaker phone for the sound it might not feed back

    Need a setting to un-check if "You do NOT want the sound button to mute mic. also."

    Thanks for the reply.

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