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    Teamspeak starts with mic disabled?

    Has anyone seen where a headset that uses standard audio/mic jacks would automatically start disabled? The workaround so far has been to restart TS3 on the client side until the issue goes away. Here are the TS3 logs from this particular system that is having the issue. If it happens again, which it will, I'll try to see if the mic is also disabled in the online game as well.
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    One of the two logs looks fine, the other doesn't.
    What happens is that the client does not find a default audio device.
    This is - by design at least - not possible in windows when one has at least sound device.
    However, there was a windows update a while ago that unset the default device (which it ofc shouldn't have).

    We've put a bandaid for this in the next client update, however to properly fix this now, please go into your windows sound settings and for both capture and playback, make sure there's both a "default device" as well as a "default communications device" set.
    Issue might also be related to the driver version of a Realtek sound device, in case that's present on your system you might want to additionally update the driver if a newer version is available.

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