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    Connection lost and nickname modify


    I'm actually setting a teamspeak server for some friends.

    I have some problem and i will show it to you with an example.

    1. Robert is connected.
    2. Robert1 is connected
    3. Robert is disconnected (connection lost)
    4. Robert11 is connected
    5. Robert1 is disconnected (connection lost)

    And these continues again and again...
    Between time 1. and 2. the user is kick for no reason and i don't know what to do for stopping this.
    Is this problem knew? Do you have a solution or may i check again my server configuration.


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    Your user has or your server has connections problems.
    And the client tried to use Robert as nickname on reconnect.
    But Robert was in use already, so the client did use Robert1.

    This does happen too when Robert connects to your server and someone else does try to connect as Robert while the original Robert is still connected.
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