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    Question Updated opus codec in order to reduce cpu usage on old devices (arm)

    Topic name.
    What's the current opus codec version used in teamspeak?
    And will we ever [s]see[/s] hear the new opus codec?
    (sorry for posting another thread, i couldn't find any other one, but i'm 100% that there is another thread existing on forums with this request)
    P.S.: I am the one of rare people, who use old Xperia Pro (iyokan) and overheating is the only way to stop me from using teamspeak on android

    libopus 1.1.3

    Jul 15, 2016 This Opus 1.1.3 release focuses mainly on optimizations and bug fixes. Changes include:

    • Neon optimizations improving performance on ARMv7 and ARMv8 by up to 15%

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