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    TeamSpeak 3 Client released

    The TeamSpeak Client 3.1.1 is currently being rolled out. We're once again doing a staged release. Everyone should receive this update by the end of the week.

    We've fixed a few bugs from Client 3.1.0(.1).

    This release also adds the ability for plugins to provide hotkey input from additional devices not natively supported by the client. Plugins that intend to use this functionality require API 22, any other plugins are fine with API 21 and will continue to load and work in the new client.

    === Client Release 3.1.1 10 Feb 2017
    ! Plugin API version updated to 22. Version 21 plugins will continue to work.
    + New hotkey backend
      + New Plugin API to allow plugins to "provide" new hotkey input
      + Mouse Button 4 and 5 support on Linux
      + Improved cross-platform keyboard key mapping to better handle keys 
        on non US keyboards
      - Fixed a bug that would cause the client to lose the ability 
        to handle hotkeys on Mac after an update using the built-in updater
      ! Hotkeys created using Client 3.1.1 are not compatible with or below
      ! Moved Gamepad and Joystick support from the client to a plugin. This plugin
        is available in myTeamSpeak and will be automatically installed.
    + Improvements to Windows Audio Session sound backend
    * Added some informative tooltips and dialogs to myTeamSpeak dialogs, trying to
      explain what "Stay logged in on this computer" and "Synchronization" features
      do, as this apparently caused some user confusion.
    * Changed behavior in myTeamSpeak options page. Apply settings immediately
      instead of waiting for Apply/Ok click.
    * Added openglblacklist.json trying to workaround broken OpenGL drivers of
      some graphic cards, forcing software renderer mode.
    * Added help texts to sync item collision dialogs to explain how a collision
      happened and how to resolve it.
    - TSDNS fixes to workaround issues with broken routers. Using Google DNS
      servers as fallback.
    - Fixed channel subscriptions of non-existant channels bloating bookmark sync
      data. Bookmarks will auto-cleanup themselves on connect.
    - Open external links in online addons browser widget in external browser.
    - Limit channel auto-subscription to 500 channels to avoid exceeding maximum
      server packet size.
    - Fixed filetransfer from password-protected channels.
    - Fixed updater UAC detection on Windows.
    - Treat empty profiles in plugin API guiConnect function as "use default
      profiles", fixing issue in Overwolf apps.
    - Reimplemented plugin API call getBookmarkList, added demo code to test plugin
    - Fixed crash in plugin API sendFile function when passing a nullptr as return
    - Fixed opening the recovery key dialog from statusbar icon when sync data
      failed to decrypt.
    - Increased settings.db version to 7 due to new hotkey backend.
    - Fixed various crashes found through the crashdump upload system.
    - Fixed third icon in badges setup dialog not showing the proper badge.
    - Various fixes to importing pre-3.1 hotkeys.
    - Fixed certain unicode characters in bookmark nickname to trigger the "unsaved
      changes" dialog even if there was no change. Closing the bookmarks dialog
      with "Ok" once will fix existing bookmarks.
    - Fixed clearing cache during a running client session breaking badges.
    - Fixed server- and clientlog filter list breaking on entries including
    - Fixed port being ignored in bookmarks using IPv6 addresses.
    - Added "Cancel" button to myTeamSpeak account setup dialog.
    - Fixed pressing escape not deleting the key in a hotkey dialog created by
      the plugin API requestHotkeyDialog.
    - Fixed a crash in the ClientQuery Plugin.
    - When a style is uninstalled, the client now switches back to default.
    - When a soundpack is uninstalled, the combobox for selection is now updated
    - Sound packs can now use relative paths again to reference to default sound
      pack files
    - Default sound pack gets updated immediately upon installation through addon
    - Addons are now sorted by name in the addon options
    Feel free to discuss this release here
    When sending PMs please make sure to include a reference link to the thread in question in the body of your message.

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    Client was released as a hotfix today.
    The only changes are OS X related and will fix the crash when user wanted to open options.

    === Client Release 21 Feb 2017
    ! Fixed possible crash on OS X
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