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    [Group Permissions][HELP]Stop Multiple Group Giving

    I have had this issue for a while now, where super admins (third highest rank on my server) are able to give themselves every rank lower than what they are. Obviously, this is fine as they need to assign people ranks when required, but they are giving themselves every rank other than the ones higher than themselves and it is becoming annoying. Is there a way to stop them being able to do this without cutting off their ability to give ranks completely?

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    Have exactly the same "problem".

    Any way to limit the maximum number of groups a user can have?

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    There is no limit on how many groups a client can be a member of.
    So if you want something like that you'd have to do it through third party scripts.

    Other than that, the only other option would be to talk with those that you give power to, so that they don't behave like that. If they still do, strip them of their powers and give it to people that can follow the rules.
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    Restrict the amount of server groups for clients

    Hello lovely Teamspeak Community,
    Is there a possibility to create like a specific group of server groups, that gives a limit of
    only one server group/client. So that a client can only have one of these server groups at the same time.

    I hope you can help me,
    have a nice day.

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