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    Invalid channel password

    I'm playing on a roleplay server and you HAVE to be on teamspeak3. Now please understand that the password has worked for me in the past and it is NOT changed, I'm most definetly entering a password that is: 123 correctly. I have no idea what to do to save this problem, I have reinstalled TS3, restarted my router, modem everything and this error still occurs. It is the first time that this has happened and now it won't go away. I can't join any channel that has a password no matter if I enter it correctly. What else can I do to correct this!? My keyboard inputs are all correct fyi..

    My teamspeak version is TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-, but that shouldn't matter since it worked before on the same client. I have tried an older version of the client, but that didn't work either I couldn't even connect on the older ones. The newer ones don't work on my computer. I can connect to the server and enter channels with no password, but those that have always the same error: "invalid channel password".

    Thank you kindly for any upcoming answers!

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    I have also bought the application on my telephone and it still doesn't work for some reason, even on there..

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    The only logic answer for me from your description: The password is not the one you are trying to enter.
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