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    Users database wipe on inactivity

    Okay, we know that users are being removed from the database when:
    1. When they do not connect for 30 days (or server is offline for 30 days)
    2. When they don't have any permanent server groups assigned.
    I've realised a disgusting thing: users without server groups assigned but channel ones are being removed as well.
    So, there's a channel, only users who has a channel group assigned (not guest) can enter the channel. Due to teamspeak wipes the database I need to reassign a lot of channel groups for a lot of people if my server is offline for 30 days or people don't visit that often.
    What's the point of not wiping users with server groups assigned but doing opposite with users with channel groups assigned? How can I completely disable that thing?

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    You can extend the purging period in the ts3server.ini file. For example:


    for one year.

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    Why does that even exist? if users have channel groups assigned

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