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    Addon submission workflow feedback

    The submission of an addon is somewhat strange. I understand that the web interface in myteamspeak is some kind of hardcoded workflow or wizard, but I would like to be able to:

    - explicitly submit an addon with a button. Currently it seems to be auto-submitted as soon as the web page thinks all data is complete.
    - see and review and replace the currently uploaded addon file before submission
    - see and review previously uploaded/approved addon files
    - withdraw an uploaded/submitted but not yet approved addon. Get back to DRAFT state and make changes instead of restarting the wizard in the middle of a new submission

    Why I am writing this:
    I played around with my incomplete submission of an LUA plugin script - my LUA dice plugin script. It was rejected by the web page the month before, because it was unable to find and verify an API version.
    I tried again to upload the script, although it still did not contain a .dll with some API 21 or 22 support. It only contains the LUA script, of course. I just wanted to see if you relaxed the submission tests and allow LUA scripts now.

    After the upload try, suddenly the web page said the addon is under review instead of draft, but I cannot see if the upload was really successful and accepted. I don't know if this is a glitch, or if my submission really contains my uploaded file. As author, I never see what is stored in your submission database. It may be an incomplete upload, for example. There is no way for the author to verify the integrity of the upload.
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    Good suggestion. The current process feels a little rough around the edges. I have released two addons so far, with a couple of updates, but I still don't know exactly what action triggers what process (partially my fault, I should have taken notes after the initial release ), and what exactly is happening with/to my addons.

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    I would like to add that I feel it's important to first add all relevant data and as author be able to edit everything. Then, if you fine-tuned everything and feel all is complete, you press a "submit" button and the addon is submitted. The more stuff you must enter for subission, the more control the author must have before the actual submission.

    I have experience in this; I work for many years in an environment where you submit software packages for distribution in a software repository. This repository implemented a workflow with states like "new" (author creates submission) -> "intake control" (repository worker does formal check of submission) -> "test" (test environment owner performs test installation) -> "release" (tester deems software ready for rollout) -> "rollout" (software is to be checked out from delivery repository and fed into distribution repository) -> "completed" (rollout done).

    You can go back from some stages back to the previous, but not from all. There are also stages like "canceled" and "rejected", where "canceled" is the final stage for submissions that were withdrawn and aborted in the middle of the workflow and "rejected", which is actually the same as "new" but for a submission after the formal intake tests or installation tests failed and the author has to resubmit a bugfix.

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    We're aware that the process in not ideal at the moment and are working on improvements. However most of the process is automated, in terms of the status of the submission. We will think about having a dedicated action that the author must perform to have the addon be reviewed, however it also has the drawback of people forgetting to do it and then wondering.

    You can actually edit anything that needs to be edited at pretty much any point in time. The only thing you cannot, and won't be able to, change is the addon type as it doesn't make sense to be able to change that.
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