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    3.1.x Can't set hotkey with my Joystick, Gamepad

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    Please read Post #56 before you go on posting anything.

    I have a similar, but not quite the same problem with PTT.

    When I try to set a HotKey using my HOTAS X, the OK Prompt does not appear when using only a button on my HOTAS. TS does register my keypress, but it seems like it doesn't recognize it as a "valid" HotKey by itself. It's as if it registers it as if CTRL or SHIFT was pressed, because if I click something else that keystroke/mouseclick adds itself as part of the HotKey. That also includes ESC and ENTER.

    Also, if I delete the newly added HotKey (ie. Controller Button 10 + Right Mouse Click), TS will not register when I press the HOTAS button (#10) again. I need to completely quit TS and open it back up for it to register that button again.

    Is the same bug causing this as well?

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