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    Permissions are not working and having big problems!

    So i have gone ahead and did some edits to my permissions for local admins and normal users.

    But it seems that different users have different permission even though they have the same permissions.

    I found out one problem

    I had a local admin that was not able to give anyone normal rights i saw he was running an old version of teamspeak and told him to update to see if that would help. After he updated he lost admin and i had to give it back to him and then it seem to have worked.

    But now i have seen some normal users being able to give others normal and take it away HOW CAN THAT BE?! But then some can't...

    At this point i wanted to know if i can just re-do my permissions without resetting my teamspeak or if there is a way to input someones permission they have setup.

    Looking for the following

    Server Admin group
    Admin group
    Normal Group - Not able to give permissions and some what locked down.

    Any help or input would be great!

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    Anyone got anything?

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    Make a permreset to reset permissions only to their defaults

    This thread explains how to restrict which group can add user to groups.

    The forum search had the answers.
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