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    How to change power levels on new Teamspeak ?

    I have Server Admin group, VIP group and Guest group. VIP group is set as Normal and Guest group is set as Guest but how can I change the power level ? They both have 50 and I would like to make VIP channel for only VIPs people but Normal has the same power level than Guest (50) .. How can I change the level power on the new Teamspeak Client? In the permissions tab I don't find anymore the large windows with all the numbers etc...
    Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english

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    You'll need to select Tools > Options > Applications tab > and tick the 'Advanced permissions system' checkbox to enable the integer based permissions system first.

    Then, when you go to edit permissions, you'll see a little box with a wrench and arrow in it. Click this to display the advanced permissions, if not already visible.

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