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    TeamSpeak Server IP Forwarding Help

    Hey, guys! For the past hour or so I have been struggling with this issue. I am trying to set up my domain name with my current TeamSpeak IP address on a port different than the default one. The thing is that I don't want ts.<domain>.<tld>. I just want to connect to my TeamSpeak server by doing <servername>.<tld>. I know the default UDP port for TeamSpeak is 9987, however, my TeamSpeak server runs on a different port on my machine due to the fact that my bigger TeamSpeak server runs on the main port. I've tried SRV records in my DNS settings, but it still connects to my bigger TeamSpeak server on the main port. Can anyone here assist me with this? I'm familiar with this whole process, but when it comes to this I don't have that much luck.

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    _ts3._udp.domain.tld. 7200 IN SRV 5 5 22222 serverdomain.tld.
    serverdomain.tld. 7200 IN A
    will make the client connect to when entering domain.tld
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