TS3 v3.1.1 QT v5.6.1

Reading several forum discussions it seems TeamSpeak does not have a mute function when the mic is set Push-to-Talk. Instead, TS has an Echo Cancellation function that reduces output volume (or is supposed to).

On my Win7x64 machine the echo cancellation doesn't work. Setting it to 60dB has not different effect than the default 10dB.

I think this feature is a defect.

Add-ons that perform this function won't work because I do use my Win7 Mixer to adjust program volumes.

Since Ventrillo does this PTT mute-when-talking function perfectly well, it seems odd Teamspeak doesn't offer it at all.

I hope I am just unfamiliar with how to set up TeamSpeak; can anyone make a suggestion to make it work properly?