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    [HELP] Failed to start teamspeak3.service error

    Hi, can someone help me ? Im trying turn on teamspeak with autostart script.

    root:~# chown -R teamspeak3:teamspeak3 /usr/local/teamspeak3
    root:~# ln -s /usr/local/teamspeak3/ /etc/init.d/teamspeak3
    root:~# service teamspeak3 start
    Failed to start teamspeak3.service: Unit teamspeak3.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

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    I also have the same problem if you find a solution contact me on telegram @SimonMT

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    Your system is using Systemd, not SysVinit.

    Reading the man page of systemd, searching here for a systemd unit (or googling) will help.

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