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    White noise if 2 users with same ip log into TS3 Server

    after searching the forum for quite a while I wonder how this can be explained:
    2 Kids, each sitting in their own rooms, doors closed, headphones plugged in connect to the same (external) TS3 server. If one of them is connected, everything is fine. As soon as the second one enters the chat room, a loud static noise can be heard for ca. 30 seconds. It stops only for a short time and starts again.
    Both kids use their own PC, connected via Router to the Internet.
    Question: Is it a known problem, that two users with the same IP address could create such an artifact?
    Is there a way to fix this problem (either on the client or the server?)

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    I never heard of something like that and do not think this has to do with the client or server.

    It may be that a device in between (router, house connection etc.) causes some electromagnetic interference when 2 or more connections are made to same address.
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    Yes, I thought so. It really doesn't make sense. We'll try a different hardware and post the results here. Thanks for helping!

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