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    Two things come to my mind:

    1. onUpdateClientEvent will be fired for your client too. But then you need to reload all your "cached" client variables (no indicator there for the changed flag).

    2. Your assumption seems correct, that only the unmuted schid will trigger the onClientSelfVariableUpdateEvent. But as long as only one schid can have the CLIENT_INPUT_HARDWARE set to 1, you can iterate over all schids (except the one in the event) to set them to muted. (I don't know, if this is also correct, if you use different capture profiles)

    EDIT: It's not correct for multiple capture profiles. @TeamSpeak Systems: So I guess not triggering onClientSelfVariableUpdateEvent is a bug?

    As a workaround, you could use onIncomingClientQueryEvent, which is triggered on mute (notifyclientupdated clid=<yourid> client_input_hardware=0).
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    not sure what you mean by multiple capture profiles. But for now i used 2. and it works for me so far. But 1. is a good idea, too. Since i wanna change the icon for those who are muted i need to touch this function, so it shouldn't be that difficult to add it there.

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