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    My hotkeys do not work on OS X with client 3.1.1


    Me again. Its broken again with the update. In the past I was able to basically futz around with opening ControllerMate, rebooting, etc. and TeamSpeak would eventually start seeing my foot pedal again. None of that works with this update. CM works fine outside of TS. I even tried having CM generate a mouse click instead and TS didn't see it either.

    Going back to still works but I have to tell it to ignore the fact prefs are incompatible. Where do you store your prefs so I can revert those too?

    Mac OS 10.12.3 now.

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    Client 3.1.1 (and newer) has a different hotkey system running as in the original report.

    Software generated keys (all operating systems) and Gamepad/Joysticks (Linux & Mac Os) are not supported in that hotkey system. Our developers are aware of this, but we can't say if this will be supported in the future.

    The config file is located under /Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3.
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