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    Channel permissions and ServerQuery issue

    I have an issue I'm not sure how to resolve. I have been trying for hours to fix it with no luck.

    Here is a synopsis of the issue: I have set channel permissions as to limit access of certain people to certain channels. This works well. However while attempting to set up a TS3 plugin on my enjin website the issue arose that the query can access the server and shows all of the server channels however because of the channel restrictions I have enabled I can't seem to get the query display the actual TS3 users in their respective channels. I thought by granting channel subscription permissions to the "guest" server group, it may override the channel permissions and allow the query access but alas when I attempted to do just that it made no difference... Alternatively I did find the ServerQuery "user" and attempted to grant it channel subscription power greater than required for all of my channels but then I got the error that I didn't have enough modify power to make the change... and being the server admin I assumed that I had the modify power, so I tried to adjust my modify power only to run into the issue that I didn't have enough modify power to adjust my modify power...

    Can someone please sort out what may be the issue that's keeping my plugin from displaying who is in what channel?

    I have one last thought about removing the channel subscription control from the channel groups (set when doing channel access permissions) and maybe that will resolve it? I'm not too concerned with who sees who in what channel... I just want to restrict access to each channel.

    Thanks for any help.


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    1. I think you missed to set permskip=1 when you raised the GuestQuery's subcribe power and maybe value for max channel subscriptions is to low.
    2. I think you did not use the login serveradmin. You must use this account in case you want to change Query permissions.

    Make a backup of you server database before you change query permissions and don't really know what you are doing!!!

    Perform these commands when logged in with account serveradmin to allow the GuestQuery to subscribe all channels with a set needed subscribe power of 75 or lower.
    use port=ANY_ACTIVE_PORT
    servergroupaddperm sgid=1 permsid=i_channel_subscribe_power permvalue=75 permskip=1 permnegated=0|permsid=i_client_max_channel_subscriptions permvalue=-1 permskip=1 permnegated=0
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