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    Teamspeak interferes with wireless mouse

    Since upgrading to version I have seen that teamspeak interferes with my wireless mouse - a Microsoft Intellimouse 2.0.

    I never had this issue before the teamspeak upgrade, and I have not changed the mouse or mouse drivers.

    When people talk in the teamspeak channel I am in, the mouse doesn't pick up motion or button clicking, and occasionally the computer warns me the wireless quality is low.

    I have Win7 as my operation system and I am using push to talk.

    I disabled all teamspeak plugins.

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    We did discuss this with our developer, but we can't explain why you have that problem with the new client.
    The input method (Raw input) hasn't changed from older clients to 3.1.1

    But the warning that your wireless quality is low, explains why you can't move or click with your mouse.
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