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    LoadLibrary error: 126 (Task Force)

    I have a problem with the Task Force Arrowhead Radio Plugin for TS 3.1 (YOu can find it here: (this link will start a download of an Arma 3 Mod. Inside the Folder inside this Zip , you'll find a Folder called Teamspeak and in there you'll find the plugin)

    I try to load it but it shows me:
    Plugin failed to lead: Failed to open plugin.: (Here is a random Number that can be 0, +/- 76574635 or whatever) (minimum: 21, current: 22)

    Looking in the client log, I'll find this:
    Failed to load plugin: C:\Users\Liffy\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\plugins\t ask_force_radio_win64.dll
    LoadLibrary error: 126

    Searching this error did not really help me. I have installed Visual C++ and .Net. I'm using Windows 10 x64.
    I've already contacted the plugin creator but he doesn't know much more at the moment.
    I hope someone here has another good idea.

    Many Greetings

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    Usually that is because it tries to load something that isn't there, such as a dependency dll. Would have to take that up with the author of the plugin.
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    Yeah I found the error. The Problem was that this Plugin works with a mod in Arma 3 (as mentioned) it would have been wise to launch the game once before trying the plugin.

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