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    [Request] Add OPTION in Design to remove from MENU-ITEMS: "Install overwolf" button.

    Title says it all guys but people want intro's so here ya go:

    I am a multi-monitor user. Multi stands for more than 2, dual stands for 2 and Teamspeak thinks we live in 1999 and all have a single monitor and that we all NEED an overlay per say per definition per user all of us.

    Request: I just want the link - right above options to everybody on the whole world's digress - gone from the menu-item Tools thank you very much.

    The logic:
    The logic behind single-monitor usage is a flawed one.
    I would feel blind to one eye if I had 1 monitor to look at. I would likewise feel blind to one eye if my game gets an overlay, be it self-activated or intrusive or non-intrustive.

    Dear teamspeak developers and Overwolf developers, this is feedback to Overwolf which you all really much crave for I have heard:
    We, multi-screen users, have full-window-mode.
    That is combination of full-screen and edgeless window. Hence, if you can imagine what that is, you can imagine we don't need your Overwolf plugin.
    We can move our mouse when we want and we do not have anything behind our game, so explain why we need an overlay for something we already visually see and can interact with directly. Tell me that. Come on, give me feedback on my feedback.

    We, the majority, are multi-screen users, this is 2017 and not 1999.
    I don't care about an overlay and I do not want to accidentally click that link in the Tools menu, many users stated already that it IS a security risk if you don't NEED a program. This was known in 2013 already. Please.

    One last thing though, I can understand why single-monitor users still exist (in africa, asia, north pole), but please show some mercy and start using at least dualmonitor yourself dear TeamSpeak developers and then you won't even add Overlay support to your software any more, because you won't need it.

    I am aware the tool does not do anything until I start it, that it is in fact trusted software and that I should trust it too as TeamSpeaks decision is holy and I'm not forced to use it only mildly pushed towards nearly-clicking-it-and-seeing-it-a-hundred-times-a-day, I am aware I can disable the icons showing and you can bet your nose on it that I already did that.
    I just don't want to see a menu longer than the program window itself, thank you.

    p.s. And hey, I'm even fine with that MyTeamSpeak feature because it has a usage for most of us, reclaiming your lost UID has been a much-wanted feature, thanks for adding that. Still not going to help me because there won't be a next time to reclaim my UID as I'm ditching TS the next time I have to do that regardless of the outcome of this request, so don't add it for me, add it for the real-life multiscreen world.
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    Great post. I lol'd. Definitely need a Humor subforum here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratch. View Post
    I think he wants to remove it from the Tools menu not only the toolbar.

    You can achive that with Qt. But please don't ask me how. I failed terrible at the try to manipulate Context menu items.
    removed URL with bad content
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