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    [REQUEST] Image in chat/view image option (for screenshots and etc.)


    I wanted to know if it would be possible if someone could make a plugin that lets you preview screenshots/images in general in chat like a small GUI that would show like: (Preview)and you can click on preview to see the image.

    and as an addon, it would let you preview Lightshot, Gayzo and etc. like (Preview)

    The reason this would be useful is that you don't have to open your browser to just view a screenshot and I'm sure that a lot of people just open their browser to see a link and thats annoying when you're gaming or you dont wanna open a program just to see it.

    An example of an interface:
    Name:  djjmFdJ.png
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    It's definitely possible but not recommended. IPLoggers, etc. Except you have a own proxy for it like Discord.

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