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    flushClientVariable while Crashed.

    Hi all,

    I have a problem while flushClientVariables. First, I need to describe my requirements.
    As you know, in TS2, a user can be granted as CA/SA as well as a Channel Commander, I'd like to realize this via TS3 sdk.

    Thus, I tried to setting user's metadata while a user has connected to the server, (i.e. in the onClientConnected callback), then all other clients can know a users' character (CA/SA/Commander) by querying his metadata.
    But, unexpectedly, the sdk crashed when I calls flushClientVariable after I successfully setting metadata use setClientVariableAsString. I tried to do these operation in other callbacks, it seems that the crash only happen in the onClientConnected callback. So I guess is this a bug? Maybe the struct of user or some pointer hasn't been initialized before this callback returned?

    So my question is: please confirm whether this is a bug or not. Is there any other way to realize my requirements.


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    Maybe another bug.

    Hi all,

    Today I have done a new expirement, that is to set clients' metadata while he is moving to another channel. Thus I called flushClientVariable in the onClientMoved callback, but when this calling is finished (without errors), other client will be disconnected from the server with the error message like:

    2017-06-11 13:50:32.472479|ERROR |SCHandler |1 |Error during processClientUpdate
    2017-06-11 13:50:32.472479|WARNING |SCHandler |1 |Error while parsing packet: invalid clientID

    Here I say other client is to mean the client whose clientID is smaller than the clientID whose I'm trying to set metadata.
    I've tried my best to figure out what wrong with my code, but after reading the SDK Manual I think this might be another bug in the sdk library? Please confirm, thanks.

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