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    UE4 plugin not working with 4.15

    Hi, I ran the SDK server included in the zip file for the UE4 plugin and then built the UE4 sample. Connection works but I can't hear anything even though my microphone is linked, active and set as the default recording device for Windows (I tested this on multiple PCs with mics and speakers too).

    I'm using UE4.15 and I'm starting to think the plugin is somehow bugged. Could somebody take a look at it or possibly help me out please?

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    it seems that the helper function "Get Sound Backend Dir Editor" does not find the soundbackends properly.
    You can try to add that manually.
    For that create a new FString with the absolute path to the soundbackends. You find the soundbackends at "Plugins/TeamSpeak_SDK/ThirdParty/bin/windows/win64" (if you use win64 obviously).

    Note: do not forget to add a backslash at the end!

    In my case it does work with "F:\temp\TeamSpeak_UE4_Sample\Plugins\TeamSpeak_SD K\ThirdParty\bin\windows\win64"

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