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    Global Hotkeys not working plz help!!

    Hello there,

    I'm having an issue with the Global Hotkeys immediately after I've download the last version of TS.
    I've follow what this thread said, especially for this part:

    Edit for 10.9.x
    - Open System preferences
    - Security & Privacy
    - Privacy tab
    - Accessibility
    - Enable Teamspeak 3 Client
    Edit end

    But nothing really changed. The problem's still present and persists. When I went into Accessibility option, I didn't find TS3 Client first, so I thought was that the issue, but dunno why when I put it into it with the check, I still cannot assign hotkeys for push-to-talk...
    I'm using MAC OS Sierra 10.12.3. Hope un can help me


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    Which key and on which device are you trying this?
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