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    TS3 Web Link not working in 3.1

    I've got an odd issue with a web link to a TS3 server. This has worked fine for years and still works fine with older clients, but anyone with 3.1 or later experiences an issue. We have a web page where the user can generate a privilege token and then click on a link to launch the client, this is in the format:

    <a href="ts3server://TS Server URL?nickname=User&addbookmark=TS3Server&token=u2Ae EkXjkNE3Ta4uic0MjpDNKcMr2qmmmfYp1QOM">Click here to connect</a>

    The bookmark is created and the user connects, but they get this error:
    insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_max_channel_subscriptions)

    If they then try and move to another room they get this error:

    insufficient client permissions (failed on b_channel_join_permanent)

    If the user takes the privilege key and manually copies and pastes it into the client, their permissions are applied and all is well. So it seems like the key is not making it through from the link, but I can't see why. Has something changed with the syntax of web links since 3.1?

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    It seems like the privilege key (token) will not be used anymore from the client when addbookmark was used.
    We removed the privilege key field from the bookmark manager, but now with your parameter the client connects with the data from the bookmark and the key isn't stored there anymore.

    I will create a ticket for our developers. Thank you for the feedback
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