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    Change user context


    I "inherited" a ubuntu server with a running Teamviewer server.
    I just recognized that it's running as root user...

    Do you know any best practice to change the usercontext without reinstalling the server?

    Thanks a lot!

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    You create a new Linux user,
    then you change the owner of the data files and directories the Teamspeak server accesses to the new user,
    then you verify that the user is indeed able to write to these files and directories,
    then you start the Teamspeak server with the new user instead of root.

    The last thing might require changes in the start script/systemd unit of the Teamspeak server. Unfortunately, a proper start script/unit file that switches to an unprivileged user and is directly usable in the startup system of the machine (sysv, upstart, systemd, ...) is not part of the Teamspeak server download. So this is specific on each server. That is the part that is hand-crafted by the server admin on each Teamspeak server machine.

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    That worked, thanks!
    Just had to add an "su teamspeakuser -s /bin/sh -c" into the startupscript.

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