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    Input cuts out cold when using Bluetooth headset.

    So I'm a truck driver and I have an iPhone 7 and a Bluetooth headset I'm trying to use. I don't recall having issues with iPhone 6. When I use my Bluetooth and TeamSpeak I'll randomly just be unable to speak to anyone in channel like my mic was put on mute but I hear everyone crystal clear. This issue doesn't happen on any other application or on calls and I bought a second headset and the issue is still there. Any solution to this? Only short fix I've seen so far is to close out of teamspeak and re log back in. My input sound can sometimes last awhile or cut out in a few mins.

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    Bluetooth keeps muting my voice on iPhone 7

    When I use ts3 with my Bluetooth headset I randomly go mute to everyone in the channel but I hear everyone perfectly fine. The only way I found to fix it is to close TS and reopen it which is not good. I know it's not my phone because it is new and it's not my headset because I bought a new one and the same issue is there. I have no issues with any other app but teamsepeak. Pleas help

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