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    Connenction lost with a long link


    a teamspeak user comes with a curios problem. He wanted to share a link and get a connection lost.
    I have no idea about the issue, and hope you can me help.

    I have checked other links, longer or shorter without problems. With this link I get it simulated:

    I use a virtual server with debian and the actually version from teamsspeak [Build: 08.11.2016 08:48:33]

    Thanks for you support

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    I could not reproduce this on a server that was hosted on Debian 8.7 and don't think this is a server issue at when he is the only one who get's a timeout.

    You also get a Timeout or what do you mean with simulated?
    Which client version is he or do you use?
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    Ok, i have no idea where is the issue.
    I use as Teamspeak Client

    When i connectet to my TS3 Server and share the link, get i no response and a few seconds later come the connection lost.
    Then connected the client again and for a minute have i two clients on the server (Name+1).

    And when i me connected with a other server, can i share this link. That is what i not understand, why can i this not on my server?
    He is not alone with this problem, everyone there share this link would for few seconds disconnected.
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    Some firewall rule maybe.

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    What i found wondering is that other links goes smoothly, whatever how long or short they are.


    OK, i found the failure. The problem was the firewall, numma_cway you were right.
    I had in the iptables the follow code implemented regarding 0-day-vulnerabilities-in-server-3-0-13

    -A INPUT -p udp -m udp -m length --length 300:350 -j DROP
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