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    Adding of some sort of protection from hackers

    Lately there have been a number of people inviting me to their ts, where i was autokicked with the message
    ERROR: Update sound driver to version 4.37 Click to install update or something else along these lines popping up.
    This will lead you to a fake site where you download a hack onto your computer. They then proceed to take your stuff from sites like Steam (or whatever else you have on your computer) I happened to get hacked this way 2 years ago when it was a new thing and lost around 100 Euros worth in cs:go skins and more. As far as i know there is no warning that pops up in the ts if something like this pops up and there are alot of people doing this. IS there a way to report these server IPs, and if yes, is it possible to make a thread/an option inside the Ts Programm where people can write the IPs?

    Example removed, we don't want to blame anyone or spread bad websites
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