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    Do I have to keep the short identity string secret?

    What can a person do if they see the short identity string that shows on the security level upgrade window? Are they able to hijack my identity or would they need the full long string inside an exported .ini file?
    I shared a screenshot of my security level upgrading and didnt think about the identity string. It looked like a UID to me.

    Edit: My god, I'm retarded.
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    Don't worry this string you saw is the public one (also used for any server you are connected to) and nobody can do anything bad with it as long they do not have the private key.
    They would have to guess the private key to recover your identity.
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    just out of curiosity, what type of encryption is TS3 using for the identities? Or in other words how many possible ID's are there before we get a collision?

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    Yeeea I kinda didn't look correctly and compared the wrong UID with it *facepalm* I realized that is indeed the Global ID/UID XD
    Thank you

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