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    Normal user changes its groups.

    Hello guys.

    I've been using a teamspeak server which is hosted by a brazilian counter-strike "school", the gamers club/games academy.
    They've a pretty interesting teamspeak system, that works something like this:

    You connect to the server, and you're set as guest automatically. If you register to the class, they give you a privilege key, and you can set your own groups.

    What's about the groups ?

    There are groups that indicates the part of the day that the player will be available to play.
    There are groups that indicates if you are in the same page with the classes
    There are groups that indicates your rank inside the game and so on.

    These groups have been made to help users interact, and find what they want.
    Example: I set that i'm available at night, and i am rank 19 but i'm not together with the most recent class.

    So i decided to do something similar, to get players from my city and other cities around together, and help people create teams, to play together and have fun.

    Well, my system would work just as same as theirs but without the privilege key system, by setting the "Normal" user, as the user that can change its groups. So the Guests could not change their groups until some admin make his way into the Normal group. This way we would have some control over the users, once a "normal" user can create temporary channels and invite guests into it, but Guests can't.

    I had some progress, the "Normal" user can set their groups, but i found a problem, they can set the others "Normal" users groups.
    Is there any way that i could allow the user to change only his groups, but not the other users groups ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't think that you will find a way that fits 100%.
    On the one hand you allow them to add groups and on the other hand you don't want them to add groups. And you use a server group which does use global permissions. This makes it really complicated in my opinion or I do not see a perfect solution here.

    To avoid that a user Normal can add a target group to anyone on the server:
    Set a higher i_group_needed_member_add_power in target group(s) as Normal's current i_group_member_add_power.

    To avoid that a member in Normal group can add a server group to user who own a server group already:
    You have to set or raise target group's i_client_needed_permission_modify_power above Normal's current i_client_permission_modify_power.
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