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    Question ERROR_ok always true, even if requestClientPoke fails?

    So I wrote the following piece of code:

    PHP Code:
    void PokeUserIfRequested(uint64 schidanyID clid, const charmessage) {
    |     if (PokeData::users->Contains(clid)) {
    |        if (ts3Functions.requestClientPoke(schidclidmessageNULL) != ERROR_ok) {
    |            printf("[ RHS ] An error occured while trying to poke user %hu"clid);
    |            return;
    |        }
    |        system("timeout 1 > nul"); // Don't worry about this line, this function runs in a non-blocking thread
    |     }
    | } 
    Some sidenotes:
    • This function runs in a thread
    • This function runs in a loop
    • The language used is C++/CLI with .NET elements (PokeData::Users is a List<anyID> in the ref class PokeData class.)

    So the problem I have is that when the user disconnects, the function still attempts to poke him.
    But shouldnt that fail and print out the statement in line 3???
    I mean, when the client disconnects, shouldnt it raise ERROR_client_invalid_id or something else, but not ERROR_ok???
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    For some odd reason I was able to work around that issue with the following code:
    PHP Code:
    void PokeUserIfRequested(uint64 schidanyID clid, const charmessage) {
    |     if (PokeData::users->Contains(clid)) {
    |         uint64 chid;
    |         if (ts3Functions.getChannelOfClient(schidclid, &chid) == ERROR_ok) {
    |             if (ts3Functions.requestClientPoke(schidclidmessageNULL) != ERROR_ok) {
    |                 printf("[ RHS ] An error occured while trying to poke user %hu"clid);
    |                 return;
    |             }
    |         } else {
    |             printf("[ RHS ] An error occured while trying to poke user %hu"clid);
    10|             return;
    11|         }
    12|         system("timeout 1 > nul"); // Don't worry about this line, this function runs in a non-blocking thread
    13|     }
    14| } 
    But I wouldnt see that as a permanent solution, so the issue still exists...

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    Check the onServerErrorEvent

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    The api is asynchronous, so the clientlib can only make validty checks (if any). So that's what the returnCode is for. If you create a returnCode and add it to your request* command, you can check for it in the onServerErrorEvent.

    Permission checks (and maybe some additional checks) are made by the server. If the request was successfull, you'll get an onServerErrorEvent as well (with returnCode, if given).

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