Tried to use Bluetooth headset connected via A2DP.

Everything works ok everywhere in system. Everything works ok when I test it in TeamSpeak settings ("Testing the playback sound system"). But after I connected to TS server, everyting gone: no UI notifications, no voice, no sound from any other app in system through this device. Mic seems to work (at least shows input levels).
The problem dissapears only when I completely close the TS. Disconnecting from server also doesn't work. TS shows no error messages (as it does when I reconnect the device).

I don't exactly know that the problem is in TS, but no one else kills sound as the TS.
May be this is related to strange server settings: when I connect, the TS plays two UI notifications ("insufficient permissions" and something else) simultaneously. When I connect with BT headset, I didn't hear them also.

This may be duplicate of