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    Please add compatibility for IPv6 addresses in Server Query!

    I have developed a few web applications for my teamspeak community.

    I get their Browser IP to find their teamspeak client information.

    With the growing number of IPv6 addresses being handed out in mainly Britain nowadays this is becoming an issue for me.

    It's preventing some of my community members including myself from using my web applications.]

    I really hope you add this functionality, thanks a lot!

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    September 2012
    The query interface listens on IPv6 and can be used from there just fine and it will also display the client IP correctly.
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    Definitely works:
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    I don't mean IPv6 support to connect to server query.

    I mean support for IPv6 to find clients via an IPv6 address in server query. I hope this makes more sense, sorry!

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    April 2011
    That is also possible...

    use 1
    error id=0 msg=ok
    clid=1 cid=66 client_database_id=1 client_nickname=serveradmin\sfrom\s[::1]:53824 client_type=1|clid=5 cid=8 client_database_id=3 client_nickname=Barungar client_type=0
    error id=0 msg=ok
    clientinfo clid=5
    cid=80 client_idle_time=24438 [...] connection_connected_time=72909 connection_client_ip=[2003:feed:3544:0:93ca:f8f7:3e7e:5ffe]
    error id=0 msg=ok
    So where is your issue?!

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