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    [Request] Noise Gate?

    Hey there, so long story short in our TS there is one individual who refuses to use push to talk and for some reason will not turn down their voice sensitivity level. We've asked him over and over but he won't budge as he claims he doesn't want to yell" for us to hear him. Problem is he doesn't talk that loud and his background noise is horrible (kids, wife, random beeps and God only knows how to explain some of the other noises I hear from his headset) Yes, I can mute him but he does tend to play games with us at times so I can't always do that.

    I've search these forums looking for some form of a noise gate plugin I could use on him. Not totally sure if it would work well or at all, but thought I'd give it a shot. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    I don't quite get what you want, you said he's too silent (Adjust Client Volume) and has many background noises (Maybe some crosstalk function or Voicemeeter got you covered)

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    The server admin can force push to talk on him.

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    I fully understand your problem. I know such a user as well. I mute him, and I tell him politely that I mute him right now and why I my mute him. Later in the evening, when the family background noise is less, I can unmute him. It's annoying, but there are people who cannot imagine the level of annoyance they produce. I thought about recording all the noise and send him a 5 minute recording of it, but I didn't actually do this, because this requires asking all people in the channel for permission to record, with the result of 5 minutes deadly silence. And just recording without asking for permission beforehand is a no-go.

    Another problem is that this person is almost computer-illiterate, so it's not possible to tell him to fine-tune his sound settings. I tried, but it's not possible to direct him through the configuration options of Windows, of his sound driver software, and Teamspeak. He is able to plug in his headset, and that's it. Hell breaks loose (for him, and for me as well who is asked to fix it) if one of his kids change a setting somewhere. It's a pity, because he's a friend of mine. Not a drive-by social media friend - a real friend.

    An alternative workaround is to turn his individual volume down (right-click on his icon in the channel and choose the item on his context-menu). The noise is muffled, and I hear when he speaks. I cannot always understand him because he is too silent now, but it's better than muted completely.

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    Yeah I usually have him -8 dB lol
    This guy definitely knows how to use a computer, he tried lowering his sensitivity once before and it cut out about half of the background and we heard him fine so it was tolerable. Ten minutes later he said he was sick of "yelling" (which he wasn't) and changed it back. It drives me up the damn wall lol

    I just don't get it as we have the exact same headset. I've asked him if his drivers/firmware etc are up to date, and if his mic is full in Logitech Gaming Software. He says yes but who really knows.. Guess I'll have to stick with muting

    Thanks for the replies!

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    I'll try to give this a go, thanks

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    A "noise gate" wont fix a problem like this, because the reason for the issue is signal to noise ratio. Or to word it a little easier: the voice to background sound ratio.

    When voice and background sounds are basically the same level (as "heard" by the microphone) it's very hard for any audio processing algorithm to eliminate what humans refer to as "unwanted noise". The algorithm doesn't know the difference between wife's voice, kid's voice, and player's voice. It's all the same level.

    So how do you fix it? It's easy to implement, but hard for the regular non-technical people to understand. You tell the person to move the microphone as close to the mouth as possible. As close as 1-2 cm away from the mouth. Not right in front of the mouth, but just at the corner of the mouth so he doesn't breath into it all the time. This makes the person's voice a LOT louder than background sounds, and the signal to noise ratio becomes vastly greater. It's more comfortable for others to listen to, and the person doesn't have to speak louder to overcome their background noise.

    Moving the microphone from 10 cm away to 3 cm distance from the mouth is a +10 dB difference in recorded voice level. The background sounds are still the same level after moving the microphone, though (because the relative distance to the sound sources doesn't change hardly at all). This means that you've increased the voice level 10dB higher than your background noise. This is why it's important to have it as close as possible.

    If the person doesn't want to do this, or is unable to fix their background noise problems (i.e. is using a webcam microphone or a silly table-top microphone), you simply have the admin remove them from the channel, or just mute them. We remove non-compliant noisy users on our server, and it always makes people go out an buy a proper headset with a microphone pretty quickly. It doesn't have to be expensive at all, and can be very cheap. It just needs to be very close to the mouth.
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    Incoming audio Limiter? A way to dim sudden loud peaks in volume.. Screams etc..

    I'd love a Limiter / Clipper function in TS to deal with sudden spikes in volume.

    Many times when you're in a channel with a lot of users, things happen like; someone screams, burps, coughs..
    Undoubtedly all users have experienced ear piercing moments at some point.

    It would be great if TS had a function to set a threshold for maximum received volume. All peaks that go over that simply get clipped. This can easily be a 0ms latency plugin costing next to no cpu.

    If i search around the forum i see users have requested it since 2010 on.

    Yes i can set volume for all clients again and again, or during matches request that all 35 of us go ahead and set up Auto volume. But in all fairness, wouldn't it be so much simpler if clients can simply setup their own max audio limit?

    I can't find an existing plugin that does this, and TS doesn't support VST plugins.

    For now, the only way i can make this happen is using 3rd party apps. Route incoming audio using a virtual cable to a vst host, maximize and limit the volume, and use this output in TeamSpeak. The problem with that is, that ALL audio gets processed, including games and music etc. It makes your game sound horrible.
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    Limite max voice


    Sometimes im playing with my friends and somebody talk too high or scream. I hate it. I know i can just reduce their voice level, but if i do for avoid screams, i don't hear them properly when they talk "normal".

    I just wondering if there's any option for "auto regulate" their voice or just something like if they speak at 15 decibelius, it reduce automactly to 10.
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