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    2017-03-24 Update Issues

    Hi Just updated to the latest version and when in World of Tanks, in the garage I get a pop up window notifying me that I have disconnected from Team Speak.- Over and over again. Problem is it won't stop or go away until I shut down team speak. I am logged into team speak and in channel but the message keeps coming. Help!! It is really annoying

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    Do you use Overwolf and get the message there or do you get the in our client with a real timeout message?
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    No Overwolf. It is a pop up message when in the garage. It says TS is disconnected when it is not. I posted a screen shot for your reference

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    That's most likely a third party mod that hasn't updated yet to accommodate for the changes in the query client plugin, which now requires authentication prior to allowing any commands.
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    Thanks, I will go look at my mod settings.

    Much appreciated

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    I am having the same issue, have you found a solution to this?

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