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    Question C# Help me making ChannelTreeView

    List<ChannelTreeItem> result = new List<ChannelTreeItem>();
    result = QueryUtils.GetChannelTree(TopQuery.GetChannelList().Values,TopQuery.GetClientList().Values);
    but, i has error
    Cannot Convert System.Collections.Generic.List<TS3QueryLib.Core.Common.ChannelTreeItem>' to 'string'

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    result is of type List<ChannelTreeItem>.
    You're trying to add it to treeview1.Nodes which accepts a string
    this is a conflict of types. I've never worked with C#, but what you probably are looking for is a 'for' loop with result.get(index) which would return a ChannelTreeItem that you then get a string from? (channelName perhaps?)
    e.g. (pseudocode)
    for (int i = 0; i < result.size(); i++){
    treeView1.Nodes.add(result.get(i).Channel.ChannelN ame);

    If treeview is a TreeNodeCollection then you probably want to just get an item from result and insert that (but it wouldn't ask for a string then)

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