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    Server address change/Hosting issue

    Hi there. I'm hoping this is in the right section, but would be grateful if someone could offer some help...

    I have a TS Server that is hosted with a company online. I pay a fee each month for this service. The server address has been shared with lots of users and on the whole works very well.

    2 days ago, the hosting company announced that they are changing my server address and have issued me a new one effective immediately.

    Obviously, 100's of users have the current server address (which is still active), and I'm not impressed at the thought of having to try and notify 100's of users that our address is being changed (nor am I impressed by the poor response and lack of support from the hosting company - I've had no response to my questions of any use).

    This has made me think.. there must be a better way...

    As such, I want to know if it's possible to have a virtual server address that I can point to an actual server address so if anything ever changes in the future there would be no real issue having a need to inform users about a change etc (i'm hoping that makes sense. lol).

    Ideally, something like MYTS3SERVER.COM:1234 would be what the users type in, but it would direct to whatever my new server address would be (once it's actually working). A bit like web forwarding.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

    And any recommendations on good hosting companies ? ;-)

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    You can create an SRV record on a domain you control, then have users use that one from now on. If your server is ever moved by the hoster again, or you switch hosters, all you'd have to do is change your SRV record to point to the new one and users wouldn't necessarily notice the difference.
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    Hi Chris. I thought i'd replied, but obviously didn't... Sorry... My bad.

    But thank you in the first instance...

    I actually found a video on you tube that shows how to very easily set up a domain name and then get it to point to your teamspeak server. More importantly it's free... So works a treat.

    So we now have a server domain address that is permanent and we can chose to point it wherever we want... So if we change servers again, it's just a case of us pointing it somewhere else, and the users would never know as they would connect as normal.

    And for anyone elses benefit, the site that does the forwarding can be found at "".



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