I'm using 64bit version 3.1.3 with qt version 5.6.1 in windows 10 64bit pro, build 14393.
This is the problem:
Since yesterday (but it has happened to me in the past when 50+ people in channel, when I joined a new server, it started to freez, I mean, I can't listen and can't talk, when I switch to the TS window I see the blue/light blue statics, like when it was when it started to freez.
I removed the server from bookmars but now it happens in any other server I join, usualy with no more than 10 people conneted and 5 people in the same channel.
I tried re-installing the client downloading a new one from the web, but the problem presist.
Can anyone give me some advice in what to try to solve the problem?
I will be very grateful.