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    Solved Echo Cancellation - Regression

    I recently updated TS to 3.1.3 (from 3.1 if I recall correctly)
    ...and now the Echo Cancellation feature only works with one of my Playback devices.

    I was really pleased with the (relatively) new improvements to echo cancellation.
    Before I updated it worked flawlessly with all soundcards, and when switching between them.
    Now the noise removal only works on one of my sound outputs.

    I've been paying attention, and I've noticed how if you look in the sound-mixer, TS "looks" as if it is listening to all sound output (the volume bar moves identically to the master playback, even though TS isn't the source). Before the update this was the case on all outputs / when switching between outputs (either in TS settings or in windows) - it would properly filter out all "noise" being played back on the same output as TS was using for it's Playback. Now that is only the case for that one output on which noise removal is still working. I haven't changed anything else on my system. It literally stopped working the second I had finished updating TS.

    Myself being a programmer that likes to optimize things, my guess is some overzealous optimization has taken place - not properly taking multi-soundcard setups / changing Playback device into account. Will be rolling back in the meantime. Good luck and sorry to rain on the optimization parade. ^^
    Last edited by AnorZaken; April 13th, 2017 at 12:49 PM. Reason: Corrected "remove background noise" to "echo cancellation"

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